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Work in Community

The Vidarbha Sindhi Vikas Parishad was founded in 2009 for all the 11 districts of Vidarbha. It works not only for the welfare of Community but also for socially and economically backward people belonging to various sections of Society. Dr. Vinky Rughwani is the founder President of Vidarbha Sindhi Vikas Parishad. This organisation which also works to create social awareness among the member of the community and perceives for the all round progress of the community.

In order to raise the standard of living of the members of Community the Vidarbha Sindhi Vikas Parishad has been doing laudable work. The youth who are above 18 and are either illiterate or have given up their education half the way, such students are encourages to continue their education by privately appearing for the respective examinations or through open universities. He is rendering selfness services without expecting any monetary benefit as imparting education is considered the best of all services.

With the help of Non Resident Indians and resident Indians, a trust called Sun Shine Trust has been formed with its Head Office is Mumbai to achieve over all progress of Community. Dr. Vinky Rughwani is the Vice-President of Sun Shine Trust from last 10 Years. Economically backward members of Community are given a chance to stand on their own legs by encouraging them to run. Small business like goods carring trollies, pedal rickshaws, stitching machines and so on.

The students belonging to economically backward section of Community are helped by this trust so that they can take higher education. Promising students are given educational guidance and financial help by this trust. Resultantly many of the poor students of Community have acquired higher education and are well placed in various employments in India as well as abroad. The trust also helps the poor patients of Community by making the required medical treatment available to them free of cost. It is with his efforts that the Sun Shine Trust has reached the zenith of popularity all over vidarbha.