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The various research conducted by Dr. Vinky Rughwani on Thalassemia disease and the publications thereby done in high impact accredited International Journal are as follows :

  1. Is NESTROFT sufficient for mass screening for β-Thalassemia trait?
    Journal of medical screening 2007;14 (4):169-73.
  2. Prevalence of beta-Thalassemia in subcastes of Indian Sindhis: results from a two phase survey. Public Health. 2007;121:193-198.
  3. Bias-corrected diagnostic performance of the naked-eye single-tube red-cell osmotic fragility test (NESTROFT): an effective screening tool for beta-Thalassemia. Source: Hematology(Amsterdam,Netherlands).Volume 11,Number 4,2006 Aug,PP.277-286 (10)
  4. Value of mean corpuscular volume and mean corpuscular haemoglobin in screening for beta-Thalassemia trait.
    Lata Medical Research Foundation, India.
    Acta haematologica 2006;116 (3):223-5.