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Thalassemia Society of Central India
Thalassemia Society of Central India was founded in 1998 with Dr. Vinky Rughwani as its Founder President. Thalassemia Society of Central India is working for the welfare of thalassemia patients and prevention of this illness in the country specially in the Central part of India since last 15 years. Besides attempting to check the spread of this disease in the regions like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh and other parts of Country, the organisation also aims to create awareness about this disease amongst the general masses. Thalassemia Society of Central India has so far succeeded in free testing of more than 50000 boys and girls for Thalassemia Minor by organising more than 250 Free camps for testing with the help of different social activist groups, government institutions, NGOs and doctors. These testing were done in Schools, Colleges, Communities and through Medical Camps. Recently a lot of similar work has been done at naxal affected district Gadchiroli in Maharashtra.
Thalassemia Society of Central India have approached the Universities and Government to make this test compulsory in Colleges. In many parts of country, the organisation has organised people’s meet; a conceptual interactive public meeting where scope is generated for exchange of information and queries by specialist medical and social scientist. The organisation renders a great service to such children who are diagnosed with thalassemia major disease by organising regular Blood Donation Camps and offering Blood Transfusion to such Children free of cost. The organisation also gets the government’s help for providing blood free of cost to children suffering from Thalassemia major. It is instrumental in bringing down the cost of drugs required for these children by apprising Government about the patient’s sufferings from these dreaded disease. By doing all this work through Thalassemia Society of Central India has been able to educate the community and thereby have succeeded in decreasing the Thalassemia bourdons in the country especially in Central part of India. As a preventive measure, Thalassemia Society of Central India conducts a free check-up for pregnant women for Thalassemia Minor so that the children to be born will not suffer from dreaded Thalassemia Major. It also organises many cultural activities and programmes to educate the children suffering from this disease. At the same time it has appealed to the government to make the medicines free of cost needed for the treatment of thalassemia and also to extend all the facilities and privileges that are available for the physically challenged people, for the patients of Thalassemia
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